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Sandra McMillen, Owner and Destination Consultant of Ordinary Couple Travels, has a deep passion for travel and experiencing all that the destinations and their cultures have to offer. Sandra has traveled to many places throughout the world and has authored a book about some of her many adventures. Ordinary Couple Travels is her travel agency, designed with you, the traveling customer, in mind. Whether you are planning a romantic beach getaway, a family adventure vacation or a European castle tour, Sandra can help you find the right destination and the unique activities and experiences, to help you fulfill your dreams. Sandra specializes in SCUBA travel destinations, beach and family destinations, and European destinations that are "off the tourist path" and unique. Whether you know exactly what you want or if you're not sure what you want to experience and need ideas and help planning a unique adventure, contact Sandra directly. As a Destination Consultant, she can help you create a unique trip that will provide you with travel beyond the passport stamp.

Customer Service: 970-218-8700

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